June 6, 2013

Notifications and Lotteries in Real-Time

World WiFi™ location managers are able to push messages to users surfing the web at anytime even if not at your location. This message can be set once or multiple times based on how the client has configured the application.

Lottery notifications are also available, where a hotspot manager has the ability to select a date, time and the number of users that you would like t give a gift away to.  When the user logs onto the WiFi location, and when they are surfing the web, they will get a promotion on their screen that tells them they have won something from the business.

Each location is managed by the owner of the venue, with options to engage the user with special offers and lotteries. Notification analytics are provided in order to understand the effectiveness of the campaign in real-time.

The service has the ability to send specific notifications to any user, a message that is prompted to them within your own custom-branded Facebook application.

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