Social Powered Proximity Solutions

We have integrated the worlds best Bluetooth

WORLD WiFi™’ has propriety bluetooth management systems, GONE are the issues with programming, the major issue of reach (not getting past glass, steel, windows even people), the logistical nightmare of updates or changes and the terrible battery life that reduces the PING frequency to mobile.  We manage it all seamlessly with our network.  Contact us before you make a CAPEX spend and find out why traditional Bluetooth is not working for retailers and businesses alike..

We can takeover your existing WiFi seamlessly at no cost

World WiFi™ uses a proprietary hotspot management system uses Plug and Play technology makes it easy to startup or develop your network or just increase your local range, you can quickly add new WiFi devices to the portal, and devices seamlessly integrate into existing networks saving on hardware investment. We’ve built our platform to allow you to run a custom portal on existing infrastructure, simply and cost-effectively.

Whether you’re a single location, or a holiday resort, integration is simple with our Gateway Servers and custom installations.

The world first cost effective solution for your coffee shop or restaurant, a major breakthrough for franchises and not to be without for large high-bandwidth, high footfall event areas.

Complete White Label solutions and WiFi Business in a Box plans are available.

For Any Venue

WORLD WiFi™’ has scalable gateway solutions power anywhere from 1-1000 locations. Ideal for promotions, advertising, information and events, at museums, beach clubs, shopping centers, tourist locations, bars, restaurants and public spaces.

For Any Business

WORLD WiFi™ proximity solution's are perfect for any local business looking to capitalise on their location using a proximity service provided to customers, casual users and passersby: restaurants, bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, medical offices, retail stores, garages and more.
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